Our company

Our company was founded on the idea of a young but experienced Owner and an „old fox“ Finance Manager , aiming to provide a powerful alternative to the current general trends in the IT segment. While the current EU market trend is about full-spectrum distributions, our company philosophy is to become a kind of specialist.

What we can offer more than the strong full-spectrum distributors on the market:

  • Focus on storage technology and processors (core products)
  • Distribution of a few brands that are dominant on the market (Intel, AMD, Kingston, Samsung) 
  •  With back-end services, we can handle higher volume requirements from warehouse, at a competitive price (up to more than thousand pieces of a product). Or we can meet the more complex demands of smaller partners. 
  •  We continuously monitor feedback from our customers and we shape the available range of products according to their needs. That's why the best-selling products are available from us.

All this is based on our excellent relationship with product manufacturers and official European distribution centers. 

Our suppliers are financially-strong, well-established companies and manufacturers.

We place huge emphasis on shipping, so we can ship within the same day to the Netherlands and within 1 day to Europe.

The team strives to provide the highest level of service, so each partner has the opportunity to personalize the services that are best for them. This could include free shipping or deferred-payment. (See the Terms and Conditions for details).

We're straightforward, focused very flexible - and we know our goods. We provide the commitment, the experience, and the expertise required to develop and maintain successful long-term business partnerships.